Honda VFR 750 F Bike Review- 2019a


The Honda VFR 750 F is truly a blast to those who want to ride a bike with great handling. The bike is loaded with more than enough power that lets you feel the ride as you are soaring in the sky. The riding position of this bike makes a feel of sport biking.

Specification and Performance

The fuel consumption is also good as it never lets you feel you have had a pricey deal. The most attractive thing that makes it to be called an all in all bike is its V4 748.00 ccm 4stroke engine with 100 horsepower that let it runs at 1000 revolution per minutes. Now compare this engine with a horse and think about a power generated by hundred horses. Yes this is truly like this and you have an extreme machine in your hands when you will ride this bike.

The transmission of this bike runs through chain that has trouble free performance. Belt transmission creates problem in some cases. Also the bike has got liquid cooling system that ultimately increases the performance of its engine. If a bike has good speed then it should have good brake system at the same time. And it is really good in case of Honda VFR 750 F as it has got brakes in both wheels.

The front brake runs with dual disk brakes and the rear wheel has got single disk. Disk brakes in both wheels respond quickly if you need to stop the bike in hurry. It offers you an absolute pleasure of smooth riding. It’s extremely powerful and the design looks great. It grabs the attention of onlookers in first look.


The Honda VFR 750 F has lots of scopes to be called a sport bike. Riding the bike with a fast speed on an expressway will certainly numb your hands but yet you would have complete control in it.